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Our second discussion.

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Today we wrote our second post. This post is about the sustainability, what is the sustainability for you?  This began the question for all of the global scholars.

This is a model of one of the discussions that we did:

For me, the sustainability is the most important thing in  the world.

It's so important because, sustainability is our method to claim our best future.

I don't want a "black city" full of dust and pollution. I want a "green world" with a good future for me and for my family, I want water and clean air for everyone.


Do you want this?

Or this?

Good-bye, we write soon!

Our video!

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This video was created by many students of 2nd of ESO. We hope you like it!



Geography and History

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The last day, at the Geography ans Histrory class, we search information from other cities than participate at the project.

Discussions: Introductions

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Hi everyone!

We started working with other schools of the world, and it was amazing! With the posts you can talk and do questions about their cities and their schools. There's a lot of involvement and we have learned new cultures and places to visit in other cities.
We are going to make a video to show what being a global scholars means to us.


Here you have a picture from our peers from Jakarta!

First Post!

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Hello! We are the students of 2nd ESO from  Moises Broggi high school  (yes, this is a blog where 61 students write). We are a high school from Barcelona/Spain. We participate in the Global Scholars program, a project with other schools around the world. The other cities we are working with are: Barcelona, Boston/MedfordBuenos Aires, Chicago, Istanbul, Jacksonville, Jakarta, London, Los Angeles/ Thousand Oaks, Madrid, New York City, Panchkula, Philadelphia, St. Petersburg, Taipei, and Warsaw. This project was created to meet people from other countries and practice English.

We will write soon! :)